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Animal Underworld by Alan Green portable read story online shop

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Hi, please tell me where Animal Underworld by Alan Green portable read story online shop

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Book description

Ever wondered what happens to elderly zoo animals? Well, to hear the zoos tell it, they’re sent to sanctuaries to peacefully live out their days. It’s a bit like that dog you had as a kid, the one that went to live on a farm.Except, you now know that that dog actually died. And elderly or unwanted zoo animals suffer an even worse fate. They might get sent to a so-called sanctuary, but then they’re passed on to dealers, who sell them to private collectors who don’t know how to care for them, or they’re plunked down into staged hunts and sold as trophies, or they’re simply shipped overseas for their body parts.Animal Underworld tells the story of the USA’s exotic animal trade. I was expecting a tale of underworld intrigue and organised crime, but the saddest part about this ‘industry’ is that there is scarcely any danger of prosecution, let alone jail time. As one dealer in the book remarks, why sell drugs when you can make the same amount of money selling animals and only face a misdemeanour if caught?Underworld isn’t a particularly well-written book (see below), but I found it incredibly compelling. A week after finishing it, I’m still thinking about it. Animal abuse runs through the veins of this industry, but perhaps more disturbing than the ‘entrepreneurs’ who are looking for a quick buck are the genuine animal lovers who nonetheless end up keeping their exotic animals in horrific conditions because caring for them properly is such a financial burden.It’s hard not to want to reach into the book, grab these people and shake them. DON’T BUY A LION AND EXPECT IT TO BE A GOOD PET. It’s not just the obvious exotic ‘pets’ (lions, tigers, cougars) that pose problems. Primates come with their own set of issues, too.For the first couple of years of their lives, monkeys are sweet and affectionate. You can’t toilet train them, but they make reasonable enough pets. Then they reach maturity and they get aggressive. Accustomed to rigid hierarchies with their fellow monkeys, they’re likely to attack the weaker members of the group – i.e. children. And since primates carry any number of diseases, when your formerly-sweet monkey bites your child’s face, the child will probably die of a tropical illness that your local hospital won’t know how to treat.Hey, monkey fans: GET A CAT INSTEAD.The material contained within Underworld is undeniably compelling. Unfortunately, the structure and narrative of the book are lacking. Underworld suffers from a syndrome that I come across so regularly in non-fiction that I’ve decided to give it a name: “Look at all this research I did, motherfucker!” (or “ResearchMotherfucker!” for short). ResearchMotherfucker! is what happens when an author carries out an exhaustive amount of research for a book, conducting hundreds of interviews and clocking up thousands of miles on his/her car. Then, when he or she comes to write up their field notes, they simply can’t bring themselves to leave out a piece of research detail that they worked so hard to get. Narrative is forgotten in the name of, “well, I RESEARCHED this, motherfucker!”Underworld could have been edited into a taut real-life thriller. Instead, we have a flabby, overlong infodump that, despite the shocking subject matter, manages to be seriously dull in places.The flaws in the writing aside, it’s still a book I’d recommend. It’ll change the way you think about zoos and captive exotic animals, that’s for sure.

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